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Packing cheap export goods

Thảo luận trong 'Dich vụ Website' bắt đầu bởi hungdat, 24/12/18.

  1. hungdat

    hungdat Thành Viên

    You are in need of transporting exported goods, you worried about finding a professional, cheap and high quality packing service provider to carry out this package work ensure safety for goods in the export process.

    With practical experience that has been done through thousands of large and small shipments across the country. HD Asean Co., Ltd is currently the leading unit in providing goodspacking service. We are very trusted and used by companies all over the country.

    Our packing service are trusted and used by businesses by:

    · Professional consulting staff.

    · High-skilled, enthusiastic packaging workers.

    · Modern specialized packaging machinery and equipment.

    · Always ready to serve you anytime, anywhere.

    Come to HD Asean, we are committed to providing you with the best quality cargo packingto ensure safety for your goods and save shipping costs.

    Contact Details

    HD Asean Vietnam Limited Liability Company
    HEAD OFFICE: Gate 109 Truong Chinh – Thanh Xuan District – Hanoi
    Office: 858 / 20A QL1A, Binh Tri Dong A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City
    TEL – HANOI: 024.3375.66.99 – Hotline: 0964.60.44.11
    TEL – HCM: 028.6681.00.01 – Hotline: 0978.30.53.78
    Email: [email protected][email protected]
    Website: http://dongthunggo.comhttp://hdasean.com
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