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Using flowering pots to decorate beautiful garden

Thảo luận trong 'Rao Vặt Khác' bắt đầu bởi taitranit, 2/4/16.

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    Using flowering pots to decorate beautiful garden
    You admire beautiful landscapes and want change your garden become more perfect,don’t you? You need to some ideas for decorating at home. Please follow my instruction and you will have great landscape which you like. Similar to you, i like bight flowers and always dream owning large flowering garden. I cherish my though and decide to do it. Even although i don’t have so much experience about decorating space. I read many magazines and draw some models base on my garden and do according to my design. I have beautiful garden and there is greater thing, it’s experience. And today i will share you some ways to decorate at home. Don’t hurry up, you can do it slowly and you need to containers to do this.

    Choosing containers and flowers.

    We will must have flowering pots to use constructing landscape. Therefore you must know choosing containers to grow at home. There are many pots which are often used to grow but the most common pots are:terracotta and glazed pots.Terracotta is simple pot which are made from clay, these pots have typical colors of fired clay, orange or brown. The strong point of terrracotta is keeping temperature well. When you use them to decorate, they are influence of change temperature, therefore your plants won’t die if temperature is decreased suddenly.Terracotta is very cheap and also have patterns which are carved directly on surface pots. Glazed pots are also made from clay but glazed pot are brighter with glazed water. These pots are suit for decorating indoor house or outdoor house.

    In order to save time for growing and assure that there isn’t any risk in your plan, we will use nursing despite of growing from seeds.

    Some of ways to decorate.

    If you have old bike which you no longer use, it’s great. We will improve it and use in making landscape. The first you will paint overall bike with any bright color you like. After you need to have a handmade basket which is made bamboo sticks. You will put this basket on saddle of bike. Then you put flowering pots into basket,you can use basket which is in front of bike to put some pot. By the way you will have beautiful landscape for your house.

    Detail information:

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